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What’s a cookie

A cookie is a text file meant to be recorded, subject to your choices, in a space dedicated of the hard disk of your device (computer, tablet, smartphone …) on the occasion of the consultation of an online service thanks to your browser software.

He is passed on by the server of a website to your browser. In every cookie is attributed an anonymous identifier. This file allows its transmitter to identify the device in which it is recorded during the duration of validity or recording of the concerned cookie. A cookie does not allow to get to one physical person.

Some of these cookies are necessary to establish statistics of visits as well as to facilitate the sharing of contents from a web site via the social networks.

Used cookies on this website

Statistic cookies from Google Analytics

These cookies allow to establish statistics of visits of the website and to detect problems of browsing in order to follow and improve the quality of our services.

Sharing cookies for social networks

On certain pages of this website you will see buttons or modules of third party social networks which allow you to exploit the features of these networks and in particular to share present contents from this website.

When you go on a page on which is one of these buttons or modules, your browser can send information to the social network which can then associate this display with your profile.

Cookies from the social networks, no control of which we have, can be then being deposited in your browser by these networks. We invite you to consult the policies of confidentiality appropriate to each of these social networks, to acquaint with purposes of use of the information of browsing that the social networks thanks to these buttons and modules can collect.

If you do not wish that the social network connects the information collected through our site in your user account, you previously have to disconnect from the social network.
You can refuse also in any case these cookies by an appropriate configuration of your browser, as indicated below.

Configuration and suppression of cookies

You can parametrize at any time your browser to express and modify your wishes regarding cookies. The parameters by default of the main Internet browsers are usually defined so as to accept cookies. You can modify this rule by changing the parameters of your browser.

The configuration of every browser is different. It is described in the help menu of your browser, which will allow you to know how to modify your wishes regarding cookies.
The following websites will explain you how to adapt more in details the parameters of your Internet browser: