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Our services

Every stall has its window and is cleaned twice daily, bedding consists of straw or shavings:

  • 3 daily feedings,
  • 2-3 feedings of hay,
  • 1 daily barley mash,
  • 1 or 2 weekly feedings of multigrain mash.

We can offer several feeding programs according to individual need, workload etc.

Our staff will remove or exchange blankets and rugs according to weather conditions, boots and other protections will be put on horses for exercise, lunging, walking or paddock time according to the horse’s owner instructions.

We can offer daily, weekly or monthly packages for providing your horse for turnout or any other type of exercise.

We also offer a great variety of additional services such as grooming, clipping, bandaging, the administration of medication, special feeding, transportation etc.

Furthermore we liaise with farriers, vets, etc.

An onsite laundry service for your blankets, saddle cloths is also available.

Our staff can also clean your trailer or prepare it for the next trip and transportation can be organized as well.

Do not hesitate to ask for a personalized offer!